Delightful, indeed!

3 Jan

Delightful MM, newest addition to my handbag collection. I love the shape of this bag it’s like a HOBO bag and you can fill it up pretty good and it’s not too heavy. Handbags tend to hurt my back and shoulder b/c I lug everything but the kitchen sink in them. Well, here’s  a pic of my bag, hope it’s a delight for you as well!


Happy New Year

1 Jan

Happy New Year Everyone! Gone are the days of staying out all night, getting tipsy, or making a fool out of yourself. I kid! Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! God Bless you all!

Christmas 2010

18 Dec

It’s that time of year, and I love the weather, the music on the radio, and everyone’s festive cheer! I can’t believe that Christmas in a few days. It seems like it was just January and we celebrated our 5th Anniversary. 2010 has been a great year, we had to do a lot of home repairs and up keep to our home. I would have preferred to go to Las Vegas, or New Orleans, but I do need a roof over my head. Hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! I did not get to send Christmas cards, so here is what they would of looked like! Enjoy!

Turkey Trot 2K10

28 Nov

Thanksgiving woke up ran the Turkey Trot. Five mile fun. It was fun, ran with Jessica and able to see a ton of people giving back to those in need. Pay it forward.

Good pics

21 Jul

I download new apps on iPhone!  I’ll share them with you! Not much to share other than it’s summer and Hot as Hades! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Just the two of us…

12 Jul

Well here we are, it’s July and summer is here once again. Tom & I have been talking about taking a mini vacation to the coast or the valley but not sure if we will get the chance this summer! We figured we would get to the beach that way we can enjoy it before the BP oil spill contaminates the ocean in our part of the the gulf! Pity, I have always liked the beach, sad we take the environment for granted!


4 Jun

I finally bought a new car, we had to retire the Tribute, it lived a good life. We bought a 2010 Mazda CX7 Black on Black. This is the first car that I have had with Bluetooth technology, pretty cool can call people on the phone from my car! Here are a few pics!