God Bless you, Cool Hand Luke!

28 Sep

Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman past away this Friday (09.26.08) I was saddened by this news, as everyone knows I am a major fan of old movies, and while attenting SWT (Texas State University) I took am American Cinema class, This is where I learned about all genres of film and seriously understood the gift of Cinema. I remember the first time I watched Cool Hand Luke, famous quote ” No one, and I mean no one can eat 40 eggs”. Well, some one did and it was Luke. After this movie I was hooked.

Another movie that caught my eye was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, this starred Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor. This movie was enticing, it kept you engaged throughout the film. I recommend all of you to see it. You will enjoy it!


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

 Other films worth watching are The Gambler, (Color Money is a Sequel to this-Tom Cruise is in this).

The Hustler

The Hustler

One more thig, Paul Newman donated more that 250 million dollars to charity in his lifetime, this was due to the success of his Newman’s own products, The popcorn, and salad dressing is the bomb! I also like his BBQ sauce as well, if ever in the supermarket, try it, you’ll be helping others by doing so.

Newman's own Salad dressing.

Newman's own Salad Dressing

 There is one more thing, he made wine as well, I am unsure if all his stuff will continue. I am sure that his wife will continue this as all this is for the underprivledged children of the world. Paul Newman was a wonderful man and we were all so lucky to have been blessed in knowing him.


One Response to “God Bless you, Cool Hand Luke!”

  1. Tia S September 28, 2008 at 5:44 pm #

    ’tis a shame indeed. Great actor, an even greater person.

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