21 Feb
Sir Charles in the House!

Sir Charles in the House!

Sir-Charles Barkley is back! I love Basketball, everything about it. I tend to annoy my hubby b/c I get emotional when the Lakers win. I don’t get it, they are not that good. Anyways, back to Charles, he was out on leave from TNT, he is one of my favorite commentators on The NBA on TNT. Well, he was out due to his DUI and his candid confession as to why he was speeding in the first place. I won’t elaborate, but it was hilarious. He is so candid about everything, and never seems to let one slide by. If  he thinks it, he says it. You got to love that about him. Well, yesterday TNT welcomed him back and he was emotional, and cried. But not once did he try to get out of his bad decision. He said he made a mistake and he’s learned from it. Point blank. Next! I agree, I don’t care about his personal life, all I care about is that he is telling me about the game in progress, any news according to basketball. He’s owned up to it, and I think people need to stop making celebrities seem like they are not human. We all make mistakes, and even if your making the big bucks, it doesn’t mean you can’t make bad choices at. So, I am grateful he is back on the tube being obnoxious, and rude, and well human.


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  1. Tia S February 21, 2009 at 1:53 am #

    No Excuses, I love that about him. I used to love basketball too, when I didn’t have beaucoup homework assignments and work to keep me busy…I’ll get into it more if the Spurs don’t suck this year…here’s hoping!

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