Happy B-day Meaggy!

15 May
Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

Meaggy turns 4 today, I can’t believe how time has passed. I remember the first day we got her. She really chose us. There was another dog there that was a bit rounder, bigger eyes, but sadly he was a boy. We wanted a girl, So Meaggy sees us looking at her brother and then walks up to Tom and lifts her head, and that’s all it took. She then preceded to walk around us, as she was deciding whether or not she wanted to come home with us. The ride home was a big surprise as she never cried or wimpered. She slept the whole night in her crate, of course now she’s taken over our bed. Although today Meaggy has full reign of the house. We are glad to have our girl in our lives. We had some close calls with her eating socks, underwear and grass, and toys. But we are very fortunate to have her here today, and hoping for a really long time. She is the sweetest dog, and Tom and I value each day with her. We love her so much b/c even after the hardest day, when you see those precious eyes glancing at you…it makes you not sweat the small stuff. Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you!


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