Happy Birthday Christy!

15 May

Christy & Jude


Happy Birthday Christy,wife, mother, sister, friend, family, beautiful and genuine. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Christy. Time is passing and now you are a wife and a new mother.  It’s been a real joy knowing the woman responsible for bringing  joy and happiness to my nephew’s life. I look at you both and realize you are what others strive to have.  I mean, who can say they married their best friend. (of course, I can-ha!)  We love you so much and hope Joey, Jude & Liam make it a special day for you! We owe you a dinner, from like last year, and now this year, we hope we can make that happen this time around. Enjoy your day!  So kick off of your shoes and have Joey spoil you!  I chose this pic b/c it shows all of your traits that make you who you are, a wonderful person! Here’s to “T”.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Christy!”

  1. Christy May 18, 2009 at 7:34 pm #

    Thanks, Bellie! You are so sweet. That was the nicest thing ever! We had lunch with Wheat and the gang on my birthday, but I know you and Tom work Sundays, so I told Joe not to call you because you were probably sleeping until you got up for work. I hope Meaggy had a good birthday, too!

  2. Tia Sara July 18, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    I heart Christy and Jude but pdate your blog already! LOL! 🙂

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