About a Dog

20 May

Meaggy our malti-poo was having accidents in our home. This is strange behavior because she is the most obedient dog in my eyes. Well we took her to the vet and turns out she has a UTI and the told us she is diabetic! After the shock, anger, denial, and frustration. I then realized I needed a second opinion and not going to take this condition for what it is. I am going to nurse my child back to health and then retest her once she is well because the test could be altered due to her condition. Even if she has diabetes she will live a long life. I try so hard to not get diabetes myself and then my little helpless angel may have it. It’s just saddens me because I love my baby girl as if she was my own! Please pray for her.


One Response to “About a Dog”

  1. Christy May 24, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Say it isn’t so…not the ‘betes! Poor Meaggy! I hope she gets back to health

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