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On a high, runner’s high

2 Mar

So here I am at work and all I can think about is when I am going to run again! I ran 3 miles yesterday morning after working the whole night. I was pretty proud of myself b/c it’s an accomplishment to do after being on hiatus from any sort of cardiovascular activity. I feel so free and serene after my run. I slept so good, it was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I am eagerly awaiting the spring weather so I can get out there and replenish myself and start living my healthy heart life!


Running shoes

27 Feb

I finally began to run again! I am thrilled to say I went to Hill Country Running . A¬† friends¬† mentioned them to me. I went and had a gait analysis completed. They hooked me up on a great pair of running shoes. No pain in the hip anymore and going to try and run a 10k. But I will have to start slow. Maybe a 5k or something. So far I am getting my stride back and it’s going to take awhile but you don’t get to the finish line with out actually running the race! So, as I like to say… Run hard or go home!