Need I say more….

1 Jun

I mean, what else can I say. Here is a bit of trivia. Did you know that Louis Vuitton created the Speedy 35′ for Audrey Hepburn. They wanted to create a bag that was as timeless, classic and stylish. That she was.



31 May

We went to Chuy’s last night!! Sooo good! I love that place! Tom and I dig the creamy jalepeno, with chips and salsa. Go to Chuy’s and check it out y’all!

Meaggy update

29 May

Well Meaggy went to get groomed today, bless her heart she’s fighting to get well. So I figured she needed a spa day! She’s still on antibiotics and she seems thinner, I worry that she isn’t eating. However, Tom is giving her wet food and thinking she is getting spoiled and the dry food is starting to look bland! No more treats, no more snacks, she is on a strict diet from now on. Dr’s order, lifetime change for a heathier, longer life. I pray to God each day for my sweet angel. Please let her be okay, she means more to me than any child I have yet to have.


29 May

Well it’s been ages since I have been to a movie on opening weekend! I went to see Sex & The City 2 with my girl Jess and it was a blast! The girls and their shoes, handbags, clothes, jewels were wonderful. It’s nothing to win an Oscar over but definitely entertaining!

Shop Shop Shop

22 May

I spent the day at “The Domain” in Austin. I went to window shop and have lunch with Jess & Julz! Always a real treat when your in good company, no extravagant spending but a good time with my friend and her precious angel!

About a Dog

20 May

Meaggy our malti-poo was having accidents in our home. This is strange behavior because she is the most obedient dog in my eyes. Well we took her to the vet and turns out she has a UTI and the told us she is diabetic! After the shock, anger, denial, and frustration. I then realized I needed a second opinion and not going to take this condition for what it is. I am going to nurse my child back to health and then retest her once she is well because the test could be altered due to her condition. Even if she has diabetes she will live a long life. I try so hard to not get diabetes myself and then my little helpless angel may have it. It’s just saddens me because I love my baby girl as if she was my own! Please pray for her.

New Car

16 May

I have been wanting a new car for sometime now. However, due to economical times we have had to wait on things because you never know in this economy. It seems things are turning around and their are several deals going on right now. We went to the car show on Friday, saw a slew of cars and able to sit in a few. I narrowed my wishlist to two cars but have to test drive to make final decsion, and of course cost. Here are a few pics of the cars I liked.